We are team of excellent consultants with expertise knowledge of implementing exact software solution for your business what you need. Consultants at the rate “Saf Life Solution” are focused and disciplined gives best advice on maximizing profits for the organization. We value our clients and work with professionalism with no service delay. With our teamwork we results in providing you top-notch services. Our services will act as a catalyst to your company in taking it in to a position where it can unlock all the benefits for you. We are specialized in Communication software’s and other business software’s.


ERP, Enterprise resource planning, is a program which integrates all the management information system for the telecom organization which helps your business to grow and expand to the depth of this core industry.


CRM, Customer Relationship management is software that employs company’s interactions with its end users. It organizes, manages, and synchronizes all the technical support systems. We offer flawless connectivity with the client such that you can be focused on the product delivery o them to greater extent by leaving all worries about their record management.

Billing System

Billing system is software available for all the telecom industry which allows you maintain all the account records from invoice to the delivery records. It helps you to save paper cost and will reduce your work load. It provides backup for all the databases consisting of details of accounts of respective client.


IP PBX is Internet Protocol –Private Branch Exchange which provides you instant audio, video and text messages exchanges. It interconnects all the network of yours with each other in a secure manner. For telecom business it is at prompt requirement and in demand software. We satisfy all the customers with our services and support.

Mobile dialer

Mobile dialer is system software which will help your business in making voice calls. This dialer mapped to IP device and thus connects your call to the dedicated end user. Software is compatible with every possible Operating System available in the market.